Routout CNC manufactures latest XYZ router is using Igus

Igus Routout

Routout CNC, a manufacturer of routers for woodworking applications, has designed its latest XYZ router using bearings and linear guides from Igus.

Igus Routout

The linear guide system utilises polymer sliding bearings that run on a hard anodised aluminium rail, resulting in a low-friction, wear-resistant linear slide.

The bearings are being used to support the router cutting head and the carriage, allowing the cutting head to move along the X, Y and Z axes.

Key benefits of product application

The Igus bearings and guides do not require any maintenance or lubrication.
Their operation is unaffected by the presence of dust.
The bearings ensure that the cutting head moves rapidly, smoothly and accurately along the axes.
The possibility of the workpiece being contaminated by oil or grease is eliminated.


source: TheEngineer