The Eurasian Economic Commission extended the anti-dumping duties on Chinese bearings

ECE extended

The Eurasian Economic Commission (ECE) extended the anti-dumping measures on imports of Chinese bearings. The corresponding decision was made boards ECE and published on the official website on December 4. Under this decision, measures to protect the economic interests of the manufacturers of anti-friction bearings in the Customs Union will operate on 17 September 2013.

ECE extended

Effect of protective duties against Chinese bearings extended

It is made ??on the basis of the Agreement on the application of special protective, antidumping and countervailing measures in relation to third countries. Customs authorities of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan instructed to levy anti-dumping duty.

An anti-dumping duty on ball bearings was introduced by Commission Decision ? 705 of the Customs Union on 22 June 2011. Its duration was completed on January 20, 2013.

Anti-dumping duty applicable to the bearings, made ??in China, including Taiwan and the special administrative regions of China – Hong Kong and Macau. Fee depending on the manufacturer is 31.3% or 41.5% of the customs value.


source: prompk