Timken supplies bearings for CITIC mill

Timken CITIC mill

China: Timken Company has supplied bearings for one of China’s largest vertical slag mills, featuring a 5.7m grinding table. The mill, one of several now utilising Timken bearings, was developed by CITIC Heavy Industries Co Ltd, one of China’s top manufacturers of cement-producing equipment. According to CITIC, the new vertical slag mill produced by CITIC is expected to produce up to 1.2Mt/yr of ground slag for inclusion in cement and concrete products.

“Many sizable construction projects underway across China require large amounts of quality concrete,” said Leong Fang, president of Timken China. “We work closely with CITIC and other customers in this important industry to make sure they can meet the growing demands of their customers for concrete and other construction materials. Our recent success is a testimony to teamwork and innovation for the two companies.”

Written by  Global Cement staff

source: GlobalCement